Treaty Three Police Service Excited to Launch Ma’iingan March Break Project

FROM: General Headquarters                                                              DATE: March 8, 2024

[KENORA] – The Ma’iingan Youth Camp 2024 is set to kick off a transformative 5-day event where 16 youth from the Treaty #3 area will engage with various emergency services in the Kenora area. This unique opportunity, organized by Treaty Three Police Service and Grand Council Treaty #3 aims to empower and educate youth through hands-on experiences and valuable learning opportunities. Presenters include the Kenora Fire Department, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry Aviation and Emergency Services, Canadian Armed Forces, and Treaty Three Police Service.

Selected from the Treaty #3 area, these 16 participants will dive into a comprehensive program focused on Wilderness Survival First Aid Level 1. Throughout the week, they will learn essential skills for emergency situations, from basic first aid techniques to survival strategies in the wilderness. At the end of the program, each participant will receive a certificate recognizing their successful completion of the course.

In addition to the intensive first aid training, the camp will feature evening activities designed to connect youth with traditional knowledge. Participants will have the chance to explore traditional medicines for survival and engage in one of our oldest traditions, the Moccasin Games. These cultural experiences are an integral part of the camp, providing a well-rounded educational experience.

The Ma’iingan Youth Camp 2024 will commence with an inspiring Opening Ceremony at the Kenora Fire Department on Monday, March 11th, at 9:00 am. This ceremony will mark the beginning of an impactful week filled with challenges, learning, and personal growth.

As the week progresses, youth will face practical challenges and apply the knowledge gained from their training. The camp will culminate in a mock scenario on Friday, where participants will engage in a recovery operation using the tools and skills acquired throughout the week.

To celebrate their achievements, a Fish Fry will be held for the participants, followed by a special certificate presentation ceremony. The week will conclude with a traditional closing ceremony, honoring the participants’ dedication and hard work.

The Ma’iingan Youth Camp 2024 represents a collaborative effort to empower youth, foster resilience, and strengthen connections with emergency services in the community. This innovative program not only equips youth with valuable skills but also instills a sense of pride in their heritage and traditions.

Treaty Three Police Service is a self-administered Policing entity under the First Nations Policing Program in Canada and is responsible for full policing duties in 23 First Nation Communities in the Treaty #3 territory.


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