Youth Crisis and Outreach Team Partnership between Treaty Three Police Services and Kenora Chiefs Advisory


The MAHKWA Youth Crisis and Outreach Team is comprised of a trained Mental Health Worker and a Constable from Treaty Three Police responding to calls as a team, for youth in “self-identified” crisis. The team members work together to provide an effective intervention that aims to stabilize and/or resolve the crisis in the communities, with focus on ensuring successful linkages for ongoing supports in the post-intervention method. Along with crisis intervention services, the MAHKWA Youth Crisis and Outreach team supports community outreach activities, such as presentations and other youth community initiatives.

An important aspect of the work is coordinating follow-up with clients and making referrals for continued care within the service network of community partners. This ensures that clients receive quality services that go beyond crisis intervention in the post-intervention period.

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The MAHKWA Program acknowledges the over-representation of Indigenous Youth in crisis. This collaboration between Treaty Three Police Service and Kenora Chiefs Advisory has improved the quality of service through building partnerships with support agencies and developing rapport with youth in our communities.

The MAHKWA Youth Crisis and Outreach Team have provided support to front-line officers when responding to Mental Health calls for service to ensure youth in crisis are provided with ongoing support and care.

The Maanaji’iwin Project

Treaty Three Police Service (T3PS) is thrilled to announce the reinstatement of the Maanaji’iwin Project, an initiative focused around the fundamental principle of Maanaji’iwin (Respect), symbolized by the buffalo. Our focus remains steadfast on supporting Indigenous youth within the Greater Treaty #3 area, who venture from their home communities to pursue educational opportunities in larger urban settings. Recognizing the unique challenges they face, T3PS and its partner agencies have developed culturally sensitive programming tailored to address the specific needs of each community, to bridge the education and resource gap for these students.

We are delighted to welcome Jody as the new Project Coordinator, whose role will be pivotal in fostering collaboration between partner agencies and local communities.


Beyond its core mission of safeguarding women and girls from violence, the Maanaji’iwin Project stands as a beacon of opportunity, equipping students with the tools and resources necessary to pursue education away from home, while also serving as a platform for Indigenous role models to mentor and uplift others.

In our commitment to community partnership, this project will operate in tandem with the surrounding communities served by the Treaty Three Police Service, honoring traditional customs and protocols of the 23 First Nation communities. Together, alongside T3PS members and partner agencies, we embark on this journey of empowerment and growth, rooted in the spirit of Maanaji-iwin.