The voice of the Anishinaabe people. Ours is an Okichida Drum that came to us as a result of a dream from a Big Grassy elder to assist our First Nations police officers in performing their day-to-day duties; to support them spiritually and to give them strength.



The spirit of the Pipe is powerful and brings many teachings to the people. The Midawin teachings tell us the creator who is all powerful and all loving works through the Pipe. The stone or the bowl represents our Grandfathers. The tobacco that is placed in it comes from the earth to represent our Mother Earth. The fire represents movement in life. The smoke is representative of the spirit that takes the prayers to the Creator of all things.



The Treaty Three Police Eagle Staff symbolizes strength and protection of the Treaty Three Police Officers and the communities they serve and has 23 eagle feathers to represent each of those communities.

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We to offer a work environment where employees are engaged and participating in continuous improvement that benefits the individual, organization and communities we serve.

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