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Scenes of Crime Officer (SOCO)

The Treaty Three Police Service has several Primary Response Unit Officers that are specially trained as Scene of Crime Officers (SOCO). SOCO’s attend crime scenes to document the scene and assist with evidence preservation and collection.

Scenes of Crime Officers receive specialized training in photography, criminalistics, health and safety, fingerprint recognition, fingerprint preservation and collection, preserving exhibits for chemical processing, recovery and preservation of trace evidence and testifying as a Scenes of Crime Officer in Court.


The T3PS SOCO services provide assistance to the Front Line in following circumstances:

  • Sudden Deaths(that do not require Forensic Units)
  • Break and Enter/Mischief Scenes with combined damage/losses over $5000
  • All Assault level III Scenes
  • Sexual Assault
  • Motor Vehicle Collisions with Serious injury (that do not require Forensic Units)
  • Robberies
  • All Firearms discharge offences (that do not require Forensic Units)
  • All Fire Scenes
  • Any incident deemed necessary by the Duty Officer or Deputy Chief of Police