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Kwenan Diziwin Project

Project “Kwenan Diziwin”
(Taking care of Yourself)

This project is in response to the disproportionate number of Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women and Girls in our Country. This program would be responsible for working with the local Elders, Treaty Three Grand Council, Community Outreach Groups, Women’s Groups, Child and Family Services and local Education Authorities on a multilevel approach to address these areas;

Education: to provide education to high risk individuals on the dangers of Human Trafficking, the dangers and realism of the sex trade and where to obtain help.

Prevention: to develop a Prevention Strategy to work with high risk individuals in obtaining personal information to better assist Investigators if a person goes missing. Create Public Service Campaign denouncing violence against Aboriginal Women and create a Web Site to promote the program.

Culture Restoration: By utilizing elders, cultural ceremonies and cultural teachings, develop an annual conference to honour Aboriginal women and girls and denounce violence against them.