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Police Services Board

BoardThe Police Services Board of Directors is comprised of 23 members, from each of our Twenty Three communities policed by the Treaty Three Police Service. Directors are appointed by their Chief and Council and hold a term position as set by the Police Services Board By-Laws. Our Board of Directors meet on a quarterly basis and have a number of sub-committees which meet as required and report back to the Board of Directors at their quarterly meetings.

We are proud to serve our communities by providing a democratic and culturally sensitive, civilian oversight of the Treaty Three Police Service, and we are proud to say that our communities are well served by the Police Officers who patrol our streets and respond to emergencies on a daily basis. They are professional, caring individuals who completely embrace the principles behind community policing.

We ensure that our communities receive the best possible policing services according to their specific needs which are determined through consulting with community residents, community groups, organizations and other key stakeholders within our current resources that are available to us. It is key that we consult with the community members and leadership to assist us to determine the future direction of policing in our communities.

As outlined in the Police Services Agreement the Board is responsible for providing policing services that are professional, dedicated and responsive to the needs and cultures of the communities we serve.

Day-to-day operations of the Treaty Three Police Service are the responsibility of the Chief of Police. Board members do not interfere in individual investigations, prosecutorial process or attempt to influence or interfere with the duties of the Chief of Police or Treaty Three Police Service Officers with respect to the day to day operations.

The Board’s main responsibilities are as follows:

  • Establish and implement general policies, subject to the operational policies established and implemented by the Chief of police governing the administration of the Police Service;
  • Approves the objectives, priorities and budget of the Police Service;
  • Is accountable to the communities served by the Police Service and, through their Councils, report annually to them on the general operations of the Police Service;
  • Shall provide oversight of the financial management of the Police Service and operate within its budget.

Moving forward the Board will continue to work with the Chief of Police and the staff of T3PS to develop and implement a strategic vision for the Service which will provide our communities with increased community service delivery that allows for safer healthier and more prosperous communities.