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Chief of Police – Louie Napish

Chief-of-PoliceOn behalf of all Treaty Three Police Service Officers and Civilian support staff, I am pleased to present to you our newly constructed Website. Every effort has been made to create a user friendly site that aims to answer your most relevant questions and keeps you up to date on the latest news you need to stay informed and stay safe.

The Treaty Three Police Service was first formed in 2003 as a self-administered First Nation Police Service consisting of 28 former OPP First Nation Constables. Since our inception our Service has grown and evolved into a professional Police Service with a Sworn Officer compliment of 86 Officers that are responsible for policing 55,000 square miles of Treaty Three Territory in Northwestern Ontario, which includes 20,000 people residing on 23 separate First Nation Communities.

We are proud to police in a Community that has strong history, culture and traditions. Our workforce is reflective of our Community and we greatly value the strength that this diversity offers. Cultural and Community programs coupled with strong Community connections are an important part of our organization.

The Treaty Three Police Service continues to evolve and remains focused on addressing what is most important to our Communities. To achieve growth we have to remain continually connected with our past while working with the Leaders of our Communities, our Police Service Board, our Citizens and our Officers to address current issues with a forward thinking – strategic focus. Our achievements are measured through accountability, transparency, governance and communication with our Citizens, our funding partners and partner policing agencies.

We are a busy and exciting Service that values personal growth and provides opportunities to explore different sections and work assignments. If you are interested in a career with the Treaty Three Police Service or have a general interest in our Service please take the time to explore our Website, Facebook and Twitter Account to learn more about us.

Thank you for visiting our Website, we look forward to continuing to serve our Community in a culturally sensitive and traditional way while maintaining professionalism and Community Safety for all.